2020 MLB Win Total Predictions, 2/16/20 How Many Wins for Orioles?

Updated: February 20, 2020

Orioles 2020 Win Total Prediction

2020 MLB Win Total Predictions, 2/16/20 How Many Wins for Orioles?

The Baltimore Orioles are expected to finish in the basement of the American League East again this upcoming season. That said, is there any value in taking the over for their projected win total of 56.5?

Orioles Win Total Odds

According to oddsmakers from online sportsbook Sportsbook.com, the Orioles’ win total number is sitting at 56.5. The over currently has odds of 20/23, while the under is carrying those same 20/23 odds.

Orioles Offseason Moves

As expected, the Orioles didn’t do much this offseason. They’re in the middle of a rebuild, so it doesn’t make sense for the O’s to spend a bunch of money on aging free agents. They did sign shortstop Jose Iglesias to a one-year contract, but he’s a defensive shortstop that doesn’t carry much of a bat. The only thing the Orioles should be doing right now is collecting talent for their farm system, which appears to be improving.

Orioles Win Total Prediction

The Orioles only won 54 games last season, so I don’t see where the extra three wins are coming from this season. Granted, the Red Sox traded Mookie Betts to the Dodgers, so perhaps the American League East will be worse as a whole and that will account for the three extra wins Baltimore needs to hit the over. That said, that’s a pretty big leap. The Orioles will still see plenty of the juggernaut Yankees (who added Gerrit Cole this offseason), the Rays, who seemingly win 90 games annually, and an improved Blue Jays squad. Even without Betts, Boston is still capable of winning 85 games. I’m taking the under for Brandon Hyde’s squad.

2020 MLB Win Total Prediction: Baltimore Orioles UNDER 56.5 Wins

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