Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Logan Paul Fight Odds

Updated: April 22, 2021

According to reports, 5-foot-8 Floyd Mayweather Jr. must stay under 160 pounds for his fight with 6-foot-2 Logan Paul, who has a 190-pound weight limit for their June 5 exhibition boxing bout.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul odds are back on the betting board, with June 5 as the reported date for this exhibition bout. 

The Mayweather vs. Paul boxing odds have the undefeated Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) as a sizable -2,000 favorite with Paul, the YouTuber-turned-pugilist, coming back at +900. 

This Mayweather vs. Paul fight was originally schedule for February 20 but was postponed, as to allow fans to attend. A venue for the event has yet to be decided, although, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami are in the running, according to Mayweather’s camp.

Odds for Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul 

Fighter Current Odds Opening Odds
Floyd Mayweather Jr. -2,000 -5,000
Logan Paul +900 +1,500

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul odds analysis

The current -2,000 price on 44-year-old former champ holds an implied probability of victory of 95.24 percent and even that is giving Paul too much credit, especially when you consider the Paul vs. Mayweather odds opened with “Pretty Boy Floyd” as big as -5,000 and Paul pegged as a +1,500 long shot.

Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of all time and hands down the most impenetrable defensive fighter in the sport’s history. Even at 18 years the senior of Paul, Mayweather has never truly been hurt inside the ring and doesn’t have the wear and tear on his body you’d expect from 50 professional fights.  

As for the +900 underdog, Paul has just one “pro” fight under his belt – a spit-decision loss to fellow YouTube star KSI back in November 2019 (six three-minute rounds) – but does have a height and size advantage over the 15-time world champion.

According to sources, the 6-foot-2 Paul must stay below a 190-pound weight limit while the 5-foot-8 Mayweather can’t weigh in heavier than 160 pounds. Paul also enjoys a four-inch reach advantage (76 vs. 72 inches) over the man known as “Money”, who was last seen cashing in a $300-plus million pay day against former MMA superstar Conor McGregor back in August 2017.

This exhibition is being arranged in the same vein as the McGregor fight: a PPV cash grab capitalizing on the popularity of Paul’s controversial YouTube channel and legions of followers on social media. Official rules, rounds, times and any additional bells and whistles have not yet been released.

It will be interesting to track the betting patterns heading into this bout, as both combatants hold a bit of “heel” status with fight fans. Mayweather is highly respected by boxing purists, who have nothing but disdain for Paul as well as his younger brother Jake Paul, who is also trying his hand at the sweet science and recently KO’d former MMA fighter Ben Askren on April 17.

Most casual boxing bettors will be scared off by the big price tag on Mayweather to win outright (must risk $2,000 to win $100) and will either side with the large plus-money payout, hoping the bigger Paul pulls off the upset, or look for better return on Mayweather with the props odds, which will be released closer to fight night. 

Adding to this bizarre matchup will likely be a laundry list of modified rules and round times, which could make wagering on Paul vs. Mayweather a bigger headache than it’s worth. Be sure to know the ins-and-out of this “dog and pony” show as well as house rules for your respective sportsbook before slapping down any of your hard-earned cash on the June 5 fight.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Tale of the Tape

Floyd Mayweather   Logan Paul
44 Age 26
5-foot-8 Height 6-foot-2
160 pounds Weight 190 pounds
72 inches Reach 76 inches
50-0 (27 KO) Record 0-1

When will Floyd Mayweather fight Logan Paul? 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is reportedly scheduled to fight Logan Paul on June 5.

Where will Floyd Mayweather fight Logan Paul? 

A venue for the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather event has yet to be announced. However, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami are the cities organizers are targeting. The event will be broadcast on Showtime pay-per-view.

What is the undercard for Mayweather vs Paul? 

The undercard for Mayweather vs. Paul has yet to be announced. 


How to read boxing odds

The most common way of betting on a boxing match is by picking the overall winner of the bout. With Mayweather being the clear favorite for this fight, his odds have the minus sign (-) in front of them at -2,000. This means that bettors would need to wager $2,000 in order to win $100. A Paul win would pay out much more as he’s the underdog at +900. This means that a $100 wager would profit $900. 

As we get closer to the fight date, round totals and prop bets will be become available, such as method of victory and round betting.

The odds listed above are in American format, but can easily be converted to decimal or fractional format via our odds converter tool. 

Get more boxing betting strategies in our How to Bet section and join the conversation with thousands of serious bettors in our Boxing Betting Forum.

Where can I bet on Mayweather vs Paul odds?

This is an exhibition fight which means books may be selective in their offerings for Mayweather vs. Paul odds. Check out the best sportsbooks available where you live and see what Mayweather vs. Paul odds are available.

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