Jose Fernandez Doesn’t Deserve a Statue

Updated: April 17, 2017

Jose Fernandez Doesn’t Deserve a Statue

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Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria (one of the worst owners in all of sports) recently unveiled plans to build a bronze statue outside Marlins Park of Jose Fernandez, who tragically died in a boating accident last September. Loria was quoted as saying the statue will be “9 or 10 feet tall” because Fernandez was “larger than life.” Let me just say Jose Fernandez was not only a great baseball player, but he also seemed like a great human being. He was always smiling and engaging with fans, a great ambassador for the Marlins organization and the game of baseball. He was a devoted family man, once jumping in the water to save his mother, who had fallen overboard in an attempt to flee their home county of Cuba. He had a special bond with his grandmother, calling her “the most important person in my life.” He leaves them both behind, along with his pregnant girlfriend, his death truly heartbreaking.

Despite all the smiles and good vibes we were so accustomed to seeing from Jose during his life, his death paints a darker picture. The toxicology report revealed that Fernandez was legally drunk, had cocaine in his system and was at fault in the accident that killed himself and two others. Fernandez was operating the boat recklessly, at its maximum speed (greater than 65mph) while under the influence, in an area known to be hazardous. Had he somehow survived, Fernandez would have been charged with multiple crimes including manslaughter, and would be facing jail time. This is a man that gets a statue? How must the families of the other two victims (Emilio Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivero) feel knowing that the man responsible for their deaths is having a statue built in his honor? A permanent reminder of their heartbreak, their lives taken so senselessly. Jose Fernandez is not deserving of a statue. He wasn’t a victim. He chose to drink and do drugs that night. He chose to get behind the wheel under the influence knowing he had a pregnant girlfriend with their first child on the way, knowing he was risking his baseball career, knowing he had a mother and grandmother at home that he meant the world to. He chose to risk his life that night. He killed himself and two others because of that choice. Now he gets a statue because of that choice? Something doesn’t add up. It’s almost as if the Marlins owner is obsessed with Fernandez. Either that or he is obsessed with the idea of still making money off of him, further proof that Jeffrey Loria is the worst owner in all of sports, a despicable person. If Loria and the Marlins want to honor Fernandez I have no problem with that, but not a statue. Why not a plaque somewhere? Why not a small memorial somewhere? A 10 foot bronze statue is too much in my opinion. An even better idea would be to use the money that it would cost to build the statue and instead start a “dangers of boating under the influence” program to raise awareness in Miami, a city hit hard by boating tragedies. This way, perhaps the death of Fernandez can serves as a lesson to the community that he loved. Don’t build Jose Fernandez a statue, let him rest in peace.

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