Masters 2021 Projected Cut Line is +3.5 According to Sportsbooks

Updated: April 8, 2021

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The Masters cut line is key to golf bettors as it determines the outcomes of some head-to-head matchups, whether an outright they bet on makes it to the weekend, and of course, settles the popular cut line prop bet. 

The projected cut line at the 2021 Masters is 147.5 — which would be equal to +3.5 in relation to par. 

Keep in mind that this current projected cut line has been set by oddsmakers at sportsbooks as it is a Masters prop bet. This means that you can wager on whether the cut line will be Over 147.5 (+4 or higher) or Under +147.5 (+3 or lower).

The Top 50 players and ties will make the cut after Round 2. We will be updating the actual cut line once the tournament begins and through the end of Round 2.

Masters cut rule

The cut rule at the Masters for 2021 is the Top 50 golfers plus ties. This follows the rule change that occurred last year.

In 2020, the committee made a change to their longstanding cut rule where only the Top 50 players in the Masters field and ties advanced to Round 3 and 4. Previously, the rule stated that the Top 50 along with anyone within 10 strokes of the lead made the cut. 

Making changes to the cut line has been a part of the history of the Masters. The cut was first instituted in 1957 and was the Top 40 and ties until 1961. From 1962-2012, it was expanded to the Top 44 and those within 10 strokes of the leader. In 2013, it was expanded to Top 44 and those within 10 shots. 

Past Masters cut lines

Here’s a look at what the cut line has been since the rule became the Top 50 and those within 10 shots of the lead. 

Year Masters cut line
2020* +3
2019 +4
2018 +5
2017 +6
2016 +6
2015 +2
2014 +4
2013 +4

*The cut line in 2020 was only Top 50 and did not include those within 10 shots of the lead

Masters cut line FAQs

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