NBA 3-Point Contest Picks and Predictions

Updated: March 5, 2021

Stephen Curry is very arguably still the best shooter alive, has been on fire for most of this season, and comes into the 3-Point Contest as an odds co-favorite (+200).

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As the NBA hits its midseason break in this turbulent campaign, the players that need rest the most won’t be getting it, as the league stuffs a probably-unnecessary NBA All-Star Weekend into its schedule to help clot hemorrhaging revenues. 

But while questions may exist about the morality of forcing players to participate in this climate, the All-Star festivities offer up some of the year’s most fun opportunities for prop betting. 

A highlight is the 3-Point Contest, a thrilling showdown of the league’s best at an increasingly-relevant skill. We’re previewing the field with our NBA 3-Point Contest picks.

NBA 3-Point Contest participants

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Devin Booker (+200)

Booker comes in as an odds co-favorite and with good reason, as the more recent of the two 3-Point Contest champions in the field (2018). In four past appearances, Booker has also finished third and second, and holds the record for a single-round score (28). 

He’s got a quick release, decent range, and 44 percent of his three attempts are off zero dribbles per, which is a great stat for him in this contest. He’s also coming off a February where he was named Western Conference Player of the Month, which could definitely give him a confidence boost after a slow start to the season.

Stephen Curry (+200)

A big part of the 3-Point Contest is catching a rhythm, and few humans have ever been able to get as hot from long range as the other past champ in this year’s field – Stephen Curry. 

Curry leads the NBA in threes made this season by a mile, hitting 4.8 per game at a 41 percent clip. He can get into a rhythm in a heartbeat, is automatic from everywhere except the left corner, and has one of the quickest releases of any shooter in history. The additional “MTN DEW Zones” are definitely an edge for him, and he could win this in his sleep.

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Zach LaVine (+500)

LaVine has slowly morphed from one of the league’s best young athletes to one of its best pure scorers. With a victory here, he would become the first player ever to win both the 3-Point Contest and Slam Dunk Contest. And we don’t see why he can’t. 

Only Curry hits more threes per game in this year’s field, and none of the participants nail them more accurately than LaVine’s 43.5 percent. While LaVine often has to create his own shot in Chicago’s offense, he hits an obscene 48.3 percent of his catch-and-shoot threes per, and will certainly be among the biggest threats from the deeper racks. 

Donovan Mitchell (+500)

Mitchell, like LaVine, can mint himself as a dual-champ of All-Star Weekend’s marquee events. But it’s going to be slightly tougher on him. Mitchell is, by reputation, arguably the worst shooter in this field, and a curious choice at the same price as LaVine.

His .382 3-point percentage this year is a career-high, but, for perspective, ranks him sixth among Jazz rotation players. While he’s certainly known as a gutsy triggerman, Mitchell’s relatively slow release may be a detractor in the NBA’s version of pop-a-shot. 

Jaylen Brown (+700)

While Brown is one of the NBA’s most consistent 3-and-D swingmen, his resume hardly stands out amidst this tough field. A career .373 shooter from distance, he attempts just 5.9 threes per game, fewer than any participant but Booker. 

Brown isn’t necessarily known for his range far beyond the line and might have the slowest release of any player in this year’s field, two inherent disadvantages for a guy whose ceiling to go nuclear may also be the lowest here. To use a terrible pun, call him a long-shot.

Jayson Tatum (+700)

Tatum joins his Celts teammate at the bottom of the odds board, and likewise doesn’t profile as an awesome pick in this contest. For starters, he’s shooting a career-worst .363 from long range this season and has been sorely lacking for consistency. 

He’s definitely more comfortable shooting off the dribble, and the extra-deep racks won’t cater to him like they will Curry and LaVine. But if you’re tempted to fire on an underdog, keep in mind that Tatum was responsible for this viral display. 

NBA 3-Point Contest winner pick

Zach LaVine (+500)

While Curry’s prototypically the best candidate to win, LaVine’s value at +500 is more appealing. LaVine’s very much a rhythm player who has some great credentials for this contest. Curry shoots faster and is more proficient from super-deep, but we don’t feel as though he’s more than twice as likely to win this as Flight 8. 

Factor in LaVine’s added incentive to become the first Slam Dunk/3-Point double-champ, and he’ll want this more than Curry, for whatever that’s worth. Already one of history’s most decorated players, we’ll be shocked if this contest is any more than a YMCA shootaround for Curry, who’s been keeping his team afloat all season and needs the break the NBA’s not giving him.  

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