NBA Daily Fantasy Predictions 6/6/18 Who should you play in Game 3?

Updated: June 6, 2018

NBA Finals Game 3 DFS Predictions

NBA Daily Fantasy Predictions 6/6/18 Who should you play in Game 3?

The NBA Finals make the move to Cleveland tonight for Game 3. Here’s our NBA Daily Fantasy Predictions for the Warriors vs. the Cavaliers?

In a single game format on DraftKings, players get to selection six options at any position with a $50,000 budget. DraftKings offers a Captain Spot, giving you 1.5x the value for every point scored, but their salary for that slot is also higher. The winning total from Game 2 was 264.38 points.

Warriors’ Stephen Curry, $16,200 (Captain Pick): Curry has been really strong for his last four games, scoring at least 51.75 fantasy points. He has put up over 110 fantasy points in the first two games of this series and is getting strong rebounding numbers despite his small frame. I think he will continue to shoot well and give you the best option for your Captain’s Pick.

Cavs’ LeBron James, $15,600: LeBron continues to be pretty much all the Cavs have. With the series returning home and Cleveland not being able to afford going down 3-0 in the series, he should have another monster game. He has scored at least 63 fantasy points in four straight.

Warriors’ Draymond Green, $8,800: Green had a pretty disappointing Game 2, scoring just 27.5 fantasy points. Those are very low numbers for him, so I think he bounces back in Cleveland tonight. The Cavs will give Golden State the best they can tonight, so Green is going to have to be more involved in the offense in terms of passing the ball around.

Cavs’ George Hill, $4,800: Hill gets big minutes for the Cavs and he has had a big boost in fantasy output over his last few home games. He had 33.75 fantasy points in Game 6 against the Celtics and combined for over 50 in Games 3 and 4 in the series.

Cavs’ Kyle Korver, $2,800: Like Hill, Korver tends to have much better games at home than on the road. He has seen increased minutes in Cleveland and tends to become more of a focal point in the offense. Look for Korver to provide a spark from the arc tonight.

Warriors’ JaVale McGee, $1,200: McGee played 18 minutes in Game 2 and put up 16.5 fantasy points. While he hasn’t seen those kind of minutes in a while, his success should give him more time tonight in Game 3. He proved to have a real positive impact when on the floor.


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