NFL Parlay and Teaser Picks Week 13

Updated: December 4, 2020

Normally, we’re very much a team here at Covers. 

Not only do solid chemistry and cohesion go a long way towards a top-notch product for our readers, but they’re a natural complement to what we’re about – sports.

However, that all gets chucked out the window when it comes to our staff Parlay and Teaser Picks competition, where everyone must fend for themselves, target the opposition as ruthlessly as possible. 

When defending champ Andrew Caley sprinted out to an early lead, we successfully launched “Operation #TakeDownTaco”. When rookie standout AJ Salah nabbed the top spot, well, we didn’t really do anything, because it was only a matter of time before his run-good wore off. 

Now, it’s Jared Hochman’s turn in the cross-hairs. With a considerable lead, and just a few weeks remaining, we’re going to see plenty of long-bombs and two-minute drills aimed at toppling the current throne-holder.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy the home stretch. Let’s get into the Week 13 picks: 

NFL Teaser Picks Week 13

Jameson Mossman, Social Media Coordinator (@Covers_JaMo)

After 3 wins in a row, this is how my (internet) conversations with co-workers have gone:

Them: You’ve made great picks lately.
Me: Thank you.
Them: But not that great. A lot of that was luck.
Me: Some might call it luck. I like to call it.. well, luck, I guess. So what?

So, just like Happy Gilmore, let’s rip this 450 yards down the fairway and 2-putt this baby home. Going with the Packers again because…well they’re playing the Eagles, have to trust Kansas City to score a bunch, and the Colts and Texans have been scoring the last few weeks and should continue to.

PICK: 6-point teaser (Packers -2.5, Kansas City/Denver Over 45, Indianapolis/Houston Over 44.5) +160

Season: -0.25 units

Rob Hansen, Content Coordinator (@Mookie_45)

There once was a defense for the Bears, 
Which played as if nobody cares. 
Whipped by the Packers, 
They burned Under backers. 
This week they’ll give the Lions nightmares. 

PICK: 7-Point Teaser (Detroit-Chicago Under 51.5, Seattle -3, Houston +10.5, Jacksonville-Minnesota Under 58, LA Rams-Arizona Over 41) +300 

Season: -5.4 units 

Jason Logan, Senior Industry Analyst (@CoversJLo)

Running through some key numbers with a four-team teaser in unlucky Week 13. Puffing up Cleveland from +5.5 to +11.5 at Tennessee, slide Seattle down to -4.5 vs. G-Men, running Raiders to -3 against the other N.Y. team, and going Green Bay -2.5 hosting Philly.

PICK: Four-team 6-point teaser (Browns +11.5, Seahawks -4.5, Raiders -3, Packers -2.5) +300

Season: -3.80 units


NFL Parlay Picks Week 13

Andrew Caley, Senior Editor (@Covers_Caley) ***Defending Champion***

The slump continues for The Champ, as it feels like Sting has descended from the rafters and smacked me in the face with his patented bat. But we’re just one parlay hit from being back in this thing. Give me the Titans at less than a TD. Fade the Jets. And I’m backing Josh Allen at a Pick’em. What could go wrong?

PICK: 3-team parlay (Tennessee -5.5, Las Vegas -9, Buffalo PK) +610

Season: -1.38 units

Covers NFL betting analysis

Brandon DuBreuil, Content Manager (@CoversBD)

A nice winner last week gets me into second place but still a long way off the lead. However, a hit this week might make things interesting.

At this point of the season, we have a pretty good read on teams and I’m going to try and use that knowledge on a seven-team moneyline parlay. No special analysis here — I just think that all of these teams win. 

PICK: 7-team ML parlay: New Orleans, Miami, Tennessee, Green Bay, Seattle, Kansas City, Pittsburgh (+445)

Season: +0.25 units

AJ Salah, Publishing Editor (@Salas42_)

Man, are we ever stuck in a tailspin. We haven’t put up a W in about as long as the Washington Generals and are steadily losing any ability to crack wise in this segment. 

I humbly submit: Chargers, Packers and Raiders to cover. I promise to talk less shit if I book a win. 

PICK: L.A. Chargers +1, Green Bay -8.5, Las Vegas -9 (+585)

Season: +.08 units

Jared Hochman, Publishing Editor (@JLHoch)

We have a nice lead but we’re just one Hail Murray-type parlay from the chumps below us away from no longer being the top dog. So let’s try to tack on to our lead by targeting some bread-and-butter receivers: DK Metcalf and Davante Adams.

DK has topped 92 yards in eight of 11 games, so I’ll take him O77.5 against the G-Men. Adams has scored a TD in six straight games, let’s make it seven against the Eagles. I need a third pick, so let’s go with Nyheim Hines to top 25.5 receiving yards against a Texans defense that allows 43.5 receiving yards per game to RBs.

PICK: DK Metcalf O77.5 receiving yards, Davante Adams anytime TD, Nyheim Hines O25.5 receiving yards (+480)

Season: +7.38 units

Josh Inglis, NFL Writer (@inglis_josh4)

We here at team Jinglis are in a bit of a pickle. We’ve been told to change our strategy since the losses have been stacking up. Strange thing is, we have been changing our strategy weekly.

Titans keep rolling against a bad Cleveland defense, the Saints’ defense is playing too good not to take them and the Lions can’t win without Golladay.

PICK: 3-team ML parlay: TEN, NO and CHI (+274)

Season: -7.8 units

Patrick Everson, Senior Writer (@Covers_Vegas)

I almost dared to do the impossible last week: win my three-team parlay. Patriots? Check. Titans? Check. Vikings? The Vikes screw up covering the number because they had turnovers on back-to-back plays that the Jags took to the house both times. That’s when you know you’re cursed on the parlay front.

But I’m back for more punishment. The Steelers are down to -7 vs. WFT. Gimme Big Ben and Co. The Cardinals are catching 3 at home against the Rams. Sold. I’ll take Kyler and Co. And I’ll take the Falcons +3 at home against the Saints.

PICK: Pittsburgh -7, Arizona +3, Atlanta +3 (+596)

Season: -9.36 units



1st: Jared Hochman: +7.38 units
2nd: Brandon DuBreuil: +0.25 units
3rd: AJ Salah: +.08 units
4th: Jameson Mossman: -0.25 units
5th: Andrew Caley: -1.38 units
6th: Jason Logan: -3.8 units
7th: Rohit Ponnaiya: -5.2 units (stay tuned for picks!)
8th: Rob Hansen: -5.4 units
9th: Josh Inglis: -7.8 units 
10th: Patrick Everson -9.36 units 

Standings are somewhat irrelevant—if you’re not first…you’re last.

Feel free to shout out our picks (or throw us shade) for our NFL teaser and parlay bets by hitting us up on Twitter!

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