Super Bowl Gatorade Color Betting 2021: Odds, History, & More

Updated: January 19, 2021

Winning the Super Bowl is the goal of every NFL coach and entrance into this elite club of champions is celebrated with the Gatorade bath – a surprise baptism of icy, colored sports drink. Not only has this tradition become a staple of Super Bowl Sunday but betting on the Gatorade bath color is one of the most popular props available.

2021 Gatorade color odds

We don’t even know the teams that will represent the AFC and NFC at Super Bowl 55 but we can already bet on the Gatorade color as odds were released during the week leading up to championship Sunday. Orange, the most popular color for the Gatorade shower over the past two decades, comes in as the betting favorite at +125. Yellow/Green comes in next on the odds board at +250, while the rest of the flavors are considerable longshots.

Super Bowl Gatorade bath betting explained

The Super Bowl Gatorade bath is a fun Big Game tradition that’s decades old and has sparked one of the most unique exotic prop bets in all of sports, allowing you to bet on the color of the Gatorade bath.

What is the Super Bowl Gatorade bath?

The Gatorade bath – or Gatorade shower as it’s also known – usually comes towards the end of the game when the result is all but official or after the final whistle blows and a Super Bowl winner is crowned.

Players grab a cooler full of Gatorade (or water) and ambush their coach on the sideline with a freezing shower of ice cubes and colorful sports drink. This fun moment contrasts the stressfulness and seriousness head coaches carry into the Super Bowl and kicks off the postgame celebrations.

Super Bowl Gatorade bath prop bets

Gatorade bath bets are among the number of exotic Super Bowl props set for the annual NFL championship game. Unlike most Super Bowl odds, this prop isn’t directly tied to the results on the field and is graded outside of the box score, much like the coin toss, the length of the national anthem, or halftime show props. The Gatorade bath is often captured by the TV broadcast and graded based on that image.

Covers Gatorade Bath Sb (1)

How to bet on the Gatorade bath

Along with other Super Bowl odds, sportsbooks set odds on the color of the Super Bowl Gatorade bath, basing those potential returns on trends from past Super Bowls, team colorways, and popular colors of Gatorade. The list includes all available colors of Gatorade as well as Water/Clear.  

These odds are most often set in moneyline formats, such as Orange +200. This means for every $10 you wager you could win $20 if Orange is the color of the Gatorade bath ($100 bet would win $200).

The favored team to win the Super Bowl often sees its team colors higher up on the Gatorade bath odds board, due to the fact that it has a higher probability of winning the game and delivering the ceremonial soaking.

Gatorade color prop

Oddsmakers will often set colors associated with the competing Super Bowl teams among the favorite colors for the bath as well as place Water/Clear near the top of the board since they know that every team will always have coolers filled with water on the sideline.

Popular color flavors like Orange, Blue, and Yellow/Green are also often among the shorter odds available. Colors and odds will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook based on the oddsmakers’ opinion and betting handle.

Super bowl Gatorade color history

The Gatorade bath began in the 1980s and quickly became one of the most lighthearted moments of Super Bowl Sunday. But it wasn’t until the boom in online sports betting during the late 90s that betting on the color of the Gatorade bath became popular.

Going back to 2001, Orange is the weapon of choice for Super Bowl-winning teams, being used five times as the Gatorade bath, followed by Clear (4), Yellow (4), Blue (2), and Purple (2). Four head coaches have come out bone dry without a Gatorade bath in that time frame.

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Winning Team Winning Coach
54 Orange Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid
53 Blue New England Patriots Bill Belichick
52 Yellow Philadelphia Eagles Doug Pederson
51 None New England Patriots Bill Belichick
50 Orange Denver Broncos Gary Kubiak
49 Blue New England Patriots Bill Belichick
48 Orange Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll
47 None Baltimore Ravens John Harbaugh
46 Purple New York Giants Tom Coughlin
45 Orange Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy
44 Orange New Orleans Saints Sean Payton
43 Yellow Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin
42 Clear New York Giants Tom Coughlin
41 Clear Indianapolis Colts Tony Dungy
40 Clear Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Cowher
39 Clear New England Patriots Bill Belichick
38 None New England Patriots Bill Belichick
37 Purple Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jon Gruden
36 None New England Patriots Bill Belichick
35 Yellow Baltimore Ravens Brian Billick

Gatorade bath betting rules

The Gatorade bath betting rules will depend on the individual book and how it’s grading this exotic prop. As some winning coaches are subjected to multiple baths, sportsbooks may stipulate or grade the correct color on the first bath or they may pay out both colors used.

There have been instances in which no bath was given, and some books offer this as a betting option. However, if no Gatorade bath takes place and it wasn’t an option on the odds board, it is up to the book to either grade this prop no action and refund all bets or grade all bets as losers. 

As this is a Super Bowl bet that isn’t defined in the box score, the grading and ruling on this prop is subject to whatever the TV broadcast shows or what is captured by photographers. 

Super Bowl Gatorade bath FAQs

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