Super Bowl Squares 2021 – Rules & Free Printable Template

Updated: January 18, 2021

Super Bowl squares is a fun and popular gambling game often played at Big Game parties, in office pools, or just among friends. People like it as it’s usually played for low stakes and there is no skill involved — it’s simply a game of luck. 

We’ve put together a guide containing everything you need to either host or participate in a Super Bowl squares pool, including how to set it up and a free, printable template. 

How does Super Bowl squares work?

Follow these simple steps to get your Super Bowl squares game started. 


Get a 10×10 grid

You’ll need a 10×10 empty grid, giving you 100 squares for people to choose from. We have done this work for you with our printable Super Bowl squares template.


Assign teams

Now you’ll take one team and assign it to the rows. The other team will be assigned to the columns. Our printable template has already assigned the teams for you.


Decide on the stakes

If you’re playing for bragging rights, you can skip this step. But if there is going to be money involved, you’ll need to decide how much to sell each square for. The amount you sell each square for multiplied by 100 will be the total amount of the prize pool.


Get people to play

Now comes recruitment: Time to sell (or give away) those squares. For those who have never played before, this is often a good time to remind them that this is purely a luck-based game. Knowing the Super Bowl matchup inside-out does not give you an advantage here.


Fill your grid

You’ll want to fill as many squares as possible with the names of people who are participating in your Super Bowl squares game. If you don’t fill up every square you can simply write “push” into any blank squares that are left.


Assign numbers

The final step is to assign the numbers 0 through 9 randomly to both the column header and the row header. It’s best to use an online randomizer or to pull the numbers out of a hat when doing this. It also helps to have a witness!

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to sit back and watch the game. You can either award payouts as they happen or after the game. More on that below.

Super Bowl squares payouts

Most Super Bowl squares games payout four times: 

  • After the first quarter (20% of the pot)
  • At halftime (20% of the pot)
  • After the third quarter (20% of the pot)
  • At the end of the game (40% of the pot)

Of course, these are just our suggestions. You might want to only pay out twice (at the half and at the end of the game) or you might want to alter the amount that gets paid out.

Super Bowl squares winners

The winning squares depend on the last digit of each team’s score at the time of the game when you choose to pay out. Then you see where those numbers intersect to find the winner. Let’s use Super Bowl 54 as an example:

1st quarter

The score at the end of the first quarter was Chiefs 7 – 49ers 3. The winner was whoever’s name was at the intersection of 7 on the Chiefs’ axis and 3 on the 49ers axis.

2nd quarter

The score at the end of the second quarter was Chiefs 10 – 49ers 10. Remember that we only use the last digit of a team’s score, so the winner was whoever’s name was the intersection of Chiefs 0 and 49ers 0. 

3rd quarter

The score at the end of the third quarter was 49ers 20 – Chiefs 10. Once again, the winner was whoever’s name was at the intersection of Chiefs 0 and 49ers 0. 

Final score

The score at the end of the game was Chiefs 31 – 49ers 20. The winner was whoever’s name was at the intersection of Chiefs 1, 49ers 0.

Free, printable Super Bowl squares template

We will have a free, printable Super Bowl squares template available for download once the teams are set. Check back during Super Bowl week!

Best numbers for Super Bowl squares

If set up properly, Super Bowl squares is completely a game of luck as you can’t choose your numbers. However, some number combinations are definitely better than others. 

You’ll be happy if you end up with some mix of zero and seven. In fact, 0-0 has been the winningest squares combination in Super Bowl history, hitting 19 times. On the other end of the spectrum, you won’t be feeling great about your chances if you have some combination of two or five.

Super Bowl squares FAQs

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