Will Astros Win American League Pennant Again? 3/28/18

Updated: March 28, 2018

American League Pennant Predictions

MLB Predictions: Will Astros Win American League Pennant Again? 3/28/18

Will the Houston Astros represent the American League in the World Series again this season? Despite some key contenders, the Astros are stacked.

According to oddsmakers from online sports book YouWager, the Astros are 5/2 favorites to win the 2018 American League Pennant. The Yankees have the next-best odds at 3/1, followed by the Indians at 9/2 and the Red Sox at 13/2.

Continuing with the odds, the Twins are 10/1, the Angels are 12/1, and the Blue Jays are 22/1. The Mariners are 25/1 to win the American League pennant this year, then the odds drop off significantly from there. The Orioles, White Sox, A’s and Rangers are all 100/1, respectively, followed by the Rays at 120/1. The Tigers and Royals, meanwhile, have the longest odds to win the pennant at 250/1.

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Like we did with our National League pennant predictions, let’s start off by eliminating teams first. The Royals, Tigers, Rays, Rangers, A’s, White Sox and Orioles can all be eliminated based on inexperience or lack of talent (or both). The Mariners have an exciting lineup but their starting rotation leaves a lot to be desired, so let’s cross off Seattle as well.

The Angels, meanwhile, have too much volatility with their pitching. They could finish second in the AL West, or fourth. The Blue Jays might not have enough pitching either. The Twins and Indians should battle in the AL Central and both teams are intriguing pennant winners, but I don’t like either more than the Astros.

I crossed off the Dodgers in the National League prediction because I didn’t like their value. The Astros don’t offer much value either so if you’re enticed by the Yankees’ lineup, I won’t blame you for grabbing the Bombers at 3/1. My God…Stanton and Judge in the same batting order? Look out. They’re going to crush teams this year and let’s be honest, they’re a better version of the Red Sox.

That said, the Astros have the best team in baseball and are absolutely loaded from top to bottom. I believe they’ll be the first team since the 2000 New York Yankees to win back-to-back World Series championships.



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