2021 Stanley Cup Futures Odds, 10/26/20 Three Teams Favored

Updated: October 26, 2020

2021 Stanley Cup Futures Odds

2021 Stanley Cup Futures Odds, 10/26/20 Three Teams Favored

The 2021 NHL season likely won’t start until the beginning of February but it’s never too early to look at next year’s Stanley Cup odds. With three teams listed as co-favorites to win the Cup next season, 2021 figures to be wide open in the NHL.

The Co-Favorites

According to oddsmakers from online sports book Sportsbook.com, the Avalanche, Lightning and Golden Knights are all 7/1, respectively, to win the Stanley Cup. Tampa Bay hoisted the Cup this past season while the Avalanche finished the 2020 regular season with 92 points (in 70 games) and advanced to the semi-finals before losing to the eventual Western Conference champion Stars in seven games. The Knights, meanwhile, lost to that same Dallas team in the Western Conference Finals but they made they biggest splash already in free agency by signing former Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo to a mega contract.

The Rest of the Top 10

After the Lightning, Avalanche and Golden Knights are the Bruins at 12/1, while the Flyers and Capitals are 16/1, respectively, to win the Stanley Cup. The aforementioned Stars, the Penguins, Blues, Maple Leafs and Canucks are all 20/1, respectively, to win the Stanley Cup and that rounds out the top-10 in terms of the odds.

Mid-Range Longshots

The Hurricanes, Oilers, Islanders and Rangers are all 25/1, respectively, followed by the Flames, and Predators, who are 30/1, respectively, to win the 2021 Stanley Cup. Also in that mid-range long-shot category are the Coyotes and Jets, who are both 40/1, respectively, followed by the Blue Jackets, Panthers, Wild and Devils, who are all 50/1, respectively. The Canadiens and Sharks at 60/1, respectively, and the Sabres at 66/1 put a cap on the mid-range long-shots.

The Long Shots

The Ducks, Blackhawks and Kings are all 80/1, respectively, to win next year’s Stanley Cup, followed by the Senators at 100/1. The Red Wings have the longest odds to win it all at 200/1, as Detroit continues to rebuild under a massive youth movement.

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