F1 French Grand Prix: Odds, Tips, and Picks

Updated: June 17, 2021

Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas appears to be fighting for his F1 career but he can start to salvage his season at the French Grand Prix. Does Bottas have a chance of delivering in qualifying? Check out our French Grand Prix odds, tips and picks.

French Grand Prix odds are on the board ahead of this weekend’s race at the Circuit Paul Ricard, and we’re bringing you F1 picks and full F1 betting odds once again.

The Formula 1 odds board for this weekend is again headlined by the two title contenders, with Lewis Hamilton edging leader Max Verstappen. However, with F1 returning to France after a year away, there is value to be found in our French Grand Prix picks.

Here are the full French GP odds and picks ahead of this weekend.

F1 French Grand Prix odds

Driver Odds to win the French Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton +110
Max Verstappen +150
Valtteri Bottas +800
Sergio Perez +1,000
Lando Norris +2,800
Charles Leclerc +3,300
Carlos Sainz +6,600
Daniel Ricciardo +6,600
Pierre Gasly +10,000
George Russell +15,000
Sebastian Vettel +20,000
Yuki Tsunoda +25,000
Fernando Alonso +50,000
Esteban Ocon +50,000
Lance Stroll +50,000
Kimi Raikkonen +50,000
Antonio Giovinazzi +50,000
Nicholas Latifi +50,000
Mick Schumacher +50,000
Nikita Mazepin +50,000

Odds courtesy of bet365 on June 17.

Where is the French Grand Prix taking place?

F1 first raced at Circuit Paul Ricard in 1971, with races occasionally held there over the next 12 years. After six consecutive years, from 1985-1990, Formula 1 didn’t return there for the French Grand Prix in 2018.

Though not a visually appealing track, the circuit did deliver a solid race until 2018, before an uneventful 2019. With several long straightaways and high-speed corners, there will be plenty of chances for overtaking if one of the favorites finds themselves down the grid.

F1 French Grand Prix tips and picks

Tip: Fastest qualifier – Valtteri Bottas (+750)

Here we are again, making the case for a positive weekend for Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas. Lewis Hamilton’s teammate’s season from hell continued in Baku, as Bottas was nowhere to be found during the race, while Hamilton suffered from competing with both Red Bull cars in front. Then, during the race restart, Bottas was overtaken with ease several times. Bottas seems resigned to the fact he’s likely to lose his Mercedes seat at season’s end, but it doesn’t mean he won’t still put in a few great performances — if only to prove his worth to the rest of the teams on the grid. 

A testament to both Bottas’ solid consistency and the Mercedes, even a relatively rough season has seen the Finnish driver finish on the podium in three of the four races he has completed, as well as taking one pole position and two fastest laps. At the Spanish Grand Prix, the circuit most comparable to the French Grand Prix, Bottas qualified just over 0.1 seconds off Hamilton, who took pole. The previous French Grand Prix, in 2019, saw Bottas top Q1 and Q2 before finishing second in Q3 and in the race. 

Hamilton (-105) and Verstappen (+137) are, of course, the favorites to qualify in first on Saturday. However, to get a driver who, even this season, has proved he can be the fastest driver in a single-lap, and has the quickest car on the grid, at +750, is too good to pass up. 

Mercedes has given Bottas’ car major upgrades ahead of the French Grand Prix, and recent seasons have shown just how important comfort and confidence in the car is to Bottas (Monza and Turkey, in 2020, come to mind). Bottas is fighting for his Formula 1 career now, and he can prove he still has something to offer by taking pole at the French Grand Prix. 

Tip: Top-6 Finish – Esteban Ocon (+600)

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon has had a strong season compared to former title-winning teammate Fernando Alonso, especially after Ocon was so soundly beaten by Daniel Ricciardo as teammates a year ago. Ocon has finished ahead of Alonso in all four races the pair have completed this season, has an average qualifying position three spots higher than his teammate, and is around a quarter of a second quicker on average.

Among Ocon’s highlights this season is qualifying in fifth at the Spanish Grand Prix, and that strong performance bodes well for the French Grand Prix. Both tracks have long straightaways and several high-speed corners, characteristics which have been kind to the Alpine car this season. (Ocon’s other best qualifying came at a similar circuit, at the Portuguese Grand Prix, where he started sixth.) Ocon consistently gets the most out of his car in a single-lap setting, and with another strong qualifying, he can set himself up for his best finish at his home Grand Prix. 

Ocon’s return home to France for the French Grand Prix has already started brightly, with Ocon and Alpine announcing a contract extension. It can get even better with a strong qualifying on Saturday and a Top-6 finish on Sunday.

Tip: Winning Margin – Over 8 Seconds (+110)

Barring a late safety car or other unexpected drama, we should anticipate big gaps between the cars at the front of the pack. The length of the straightaways at Circuit Paul Ricard, as well as the high-speed corners, will allow for the race leaders to drive into clean air for the majority of the race, putting in excellent lap after excellent lap. 

In the 2019 French Grand Prix, the last time F1 raced at this circuit, Hamilton won with a gap of over 18 seconds to second place. This year’s Spanish Grand Prix had Hamilton win by nearly 16 seconds, despite only taking the lead with six laps to go. Late drama for a circuit like those in Spain or France is rare, and even still we had a win of well over eight seconds in Spain. 

The French Grand Prix is unlikely to deliver any late drama at the front of the pack, but at least we can take advantage of a processional finish. 

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Past winners of the French Grand Prix

Year French Grand Prix (at Circuit Paul Ricard) Winner
2019 Lewis Hamilton
2018 Lewis Hamilton

How to bet on Formula 1

The most popular way to bet on Formula 1 odds is by simply picking the winner of a particular race. Other popular F1 betting options include on which car/constructor will win and whether or not a particular race car driver will end up on the podium with a Top-3 finish.

F1 race odds usually look like this:

This means that on a $100 bet, you’ll stand to profit $650 if Vettel wins that particular race. If one driver is especially dominant, you might see a minus sign (-) ahead of that driver’s odds like this: 

This means that you would need to bet $175 to win $100 on Hamilton winning the race.

Where can I bet on F1 betting odds?

As the top international car racing competition, most online sportsbooks and casinos offer F1 odds. Check out the best sportsbooks available where you live and see what Formula 1 odds they have available.

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