Fired Ref Tim Peel A Huge “Homer” For NHL Betting

Updated: March 25, 2021

Overall, games refereed by Tim Peel over the past four NHL regular seasons have produced a 126-81 record (60.86%) for home teams and generated +17.07 units for moneyline bettors.

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The blood of NHL bettors ran cold when referee Tim Peel was caught on microphone saying he “wanted” to call a “f-ing penalty” on the Nashville Predators Tuesday night.

That hot-mic incident came after a suspect tripping call in the second period of the Predators’ home game versus the Detroit Red Wings. The penalty would end up having no impact on the game’s final result (Nashville won 2-0 as a -169 favorite), but Peel was promptly fired by the NHL (even though he was set to retire in late April anyway).