Las Vegas sportsbooks offering more baseball wagering options than ever

Updated: April 13, 2016


It seems like expanded sports wagering options are being introduced in Nevada every few months. This week the Nevada Gaming Control Board approved an expanded menu for wagering on baseball and specifically Major League Baseball.

On April 7, 2016, the Gaming Control Board granted approval to offer wagers on the Baseball Writers Association of America 2016 AL and NL Cy Young awards, AL and NL Manager of the Year Awards, AL and NL Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards and AL and NL Rookie of the Year Awards. This is the first time these wagering options have been available in Las Vegas and Nevada.

William Hill is the first sports book in Las Vegas to offer these wagers to the public. Their early favorites include Mike Trout (5/2 – AL MVP), Chris Sale (4/1 – AL Cy Young), Bryce Harper (5/2 – NL MVP) and Clayton Kershaw (2/1 – NL Cy Young). You can see the initial list of opening odds for MVP and Cy Young below. Expect these odds to change during the season as more sports books release their odds and people begin to wager.

More Trends In Baseball Betting

Two years ago I noticed that 5 inning wagers in baseball were beginning to spread in popularity. I’d say that about half of my baseball wagers today are only part of the game. I understand that these wagers may offer lesser odds than full game wagers but I play them often because feel more confident handicapping games without the volatility of bullpens. They’ve treated me well so far and I’ll continue to use them where I feel as though I have an advantage. On the bonus side, these wagers are usually over before dinner time in Las Vegas so I don’t have to check my phone for updates while out with friends.

Similar to how I saw 5 inning wagers growing in popularity a few years ago, last year I started noticing people looking for 1st inning wagering opportunities. Popularity with this wager offshore and in Las Vegas was really just beginning. This year I’m noticing a large increase in people talking about 1st inning wagers. The wager over quickly as you’re just betting on the first inning runs. I haven’t made a first inning wager but I’m curious to learn more and see if there’s anything more than a fun quickie here.

More Opportunities To Wager On Baseball

Baseball is the third most popular sport to wager on in Nevada behind football and basketball. This hasn’t stopped the sports books from expanding baseball wagering menus. The new MVP, Cy Young, MoY and RoY wagers that were introduced this week along with 1st inning and 5 inning wagers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Sports books are offering more alternate run lines to make baseball betting appear more like football or basketball betting. There are more regular season baseball prop bets ranging from season-long homerun title odds to daily props like “Will a player hit for the cycle today?” This season William Hill has started offering in-game wagering on if a run will be scored in each inning of a game.

This is a great time to be a baseball fan, baseball bettor and most likely a sports book operator. Casino operators in Las Vegas today rarely offer casino games that give the player any way to find a sliver of an edge. Sports book operators may be of a similar mindset. However, these skill-based wagers all the gambler an opportunity to possibly find an edge. You just have to do the research to find it.

If you’re a football bettor looking for more action than just a side or a total you should be really excited. If the sports book operators are opening this many options for their third most popular sport, just imagine what they’re looking into for Saturday and Sunday this fall.

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