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Updated: March 30, 2021

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When it comes to betting on golf, sportsbooks pull out all the stops for the Masters. The first major tournament of the PGA Tour season is also its biggest and oddsmakers roll out a long list of Masters prop bets to feed that massive audience and give you multiple ways to wager on the Masters.

Masters prop bets explained

All golf tournaments have alternative wagers on the board, but books go big with Masters prop bets every spring. Not only can you wager on the odds to win the Masters and head-to-head matchups but also a laundry list of props and extra offerings.


The Masters hole-in-one prop is a simple Yes/No wager: Will someone record a hole-in-one during the tournament? There have been 31 aces in Masters history, most recently Bryson DeChambeau and Justin Thomas recording holes-in-one during the 2019 tournament — with the Yes cashing at odds of -140.

Cutline props

Sportsbooks will set cutline props for most of the big-name golfers in the field, allowing you to bet on whether individual players will make the weekend cut after the first two rounds. These Masters props are offered in a Yes/No format with a moneyline price assigned to each option.

You can also bet on what the cutline will be for the 36-round cut after Round 2, with oddsmakers setting an Over/Under on the two-round score. The 2019 Masters had an Over/Under of 147.5 as the cutline score and finished with an official cutline of 147, meaning the Under hit.

Will there be a playoff?

The playoff prop is another Yes/No option, allowing you to bet on whether the Masters will be decided in a playoff. A playoff has been needed in 17 of 84 Masters tournaments going back to 1934 with the most recent coming in 2017 when Sergio Garcia beat Justin Rose in the sudden-death format.

Course record broken

You can bet on whether a golfer will break the course record at Augusta National during the Masters with this Yes/No prop. The current course record is a 9-under 63 which is held by Nick Price (Round 3 of the 1986 Masters) and Greg Norman (Round 1 of the 1996 Masters).  

Winning score Over/Under

Betting on the winning score of the Masters is a very popular prop bet, as it is not tied directly to the success of a particular player. Rather, it is an Over/Under wager in which the oddsmakers set a predicted final score for the Masters champion and you can wager on whether or not the winner will finish Over or Under this final score. The winning score of the 2020 Masters, which was played in November rather than May, was 268 (-20) through four rounds.

Nationality props

The Masters is an international affair with the best golfers from around the globe coming to Augusta National. Nationality props segment players from different countries and regions together and allow you to bet on which one will have the best finish of that group, such as betting on the top American golfer or top European.

First-time winner

We often see the same players excel at Augusta National every year, with 48 players winning 84 of the total Masters titles since 1934, and you can bet on whether or not a first-time winner will be crowned champ with this Yes/No prop. Since 2015, five of the past six Green Jacket winners have been first-time Masters champions. 

Will anyone record an albatross?

An albatross (or a double eagle) is a score of three-under-par on a single hole (two shots on a Par 5 or hole-in-one on a Par 4). There have only been four albatrosses recorded in Masters history, with the last one coming from Louis Oosthuizen in 2012. Due to this rarity, the Masters’ albatross prop pays out at high odds, with Yes set at +1,200 and No at -3,330 in 2020.

Driving distance Over/Under

Driving distance props attract a lot of action from Masters bettors heading into the tournament. There are variations of this market, with average driving distance for individual rounds or the entire tournament assigned to bigger-name golfers as well as Over/Under driving distance for players on particular holes, such as hole No. 1.

Tips for betting Masters props

Whether you’re betting on player odds or tournament markets, here are some tips for betting on Masters props.

Current form Current form

When it comes to betting on Masters players props, the first place you should look for info is that player’s current form. Have a good look at their level of play entering the tournament and the different aspects of their game: driving, approach, and putting.

Course history < Course history 

Take a look back at how they’ve performed at Augusta National in past Masters as well as other big major tournaments. Do they step up on the big stage of the Masters or crumble under the pressure of these elite events?

Watch the weather Watch the weather 

Weather can have a huge impact on players and overall tournament performance. Winds, rain, and cold temperatures can make the course play short while warmer weather can dry out the fairways and greens and have it playing fast and long. And don’t just look at that day’s forecast: check the weather heading into Round 1 and throughout the weekend.

Set a narrative Set a narrative 

Figure out how you see the Masters playing out and which players you want to bet on and against during the tournament. From there, set a narrative and bet accordingly. If you expect the course to play long, side with those players who hit big off the tee box and jump on their Over props. If you believe a notable golfer will struggle, go against them not just in matchups but his score props and round-by-round odds.

Instant Replay: Masters prop bets

Betting on props for the Masters can be a fun and profitable way to add to your portfolio of wagers for the tournament.

  • Masters prop bets can focus on individual player performances, specific happenings during the tournament, or the final outcomes of the overall event.
  • The most popular Masters prop bets are Yes/No wagers or Over/Under options, like “Will there be a hole-in-one?” and “Over/Under of the cutline?”.
  • Historic player performance at Augusta National is important to measure as some golfers excel at the Masters every year.
  • Always watch the weather when betting on Masters prop bets.

Masters prop bets FAQs

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