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Updated: August 26, 2015

Mobile sports betting is any wagering on sports that takes place on a smartphone, tablet, or other Web-capable device. Anywhere you can get a Web connection on your Android phone or iPad you can place a bet on sports, transfer funds to your sportsbook, check your balance, or perform any other function that normally requires the use of a laptop or desktop computer.

It’s easy to imagine a scenario where mobile betting would be immediately convenient – if you’re sitting at the bar and you see a headline flash across the screen about the big game tomorrow, it’s better to go ahead and react than have to wait until you get home later that night. But mobile betting is about more than giving you another way to wager – it’s the beginning of a whole new lifestyle trend in online wagering. The move to mobile is very real – learn how to place a mobile sports bet below.


Unlike their main smartphone and tablet competitor Apple, Android doesn’t build software that’s bundled with hardware. Android is more of an open-source design, allowing for lots of hacks and tricks that iPhone users don’t have access to.
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Released in 1999, the Blackberry was the first smartphone-like device to catch on in a big way around the world, thanks mostly to the businessmen who used it as both a status symbol and a communication and networking tool.
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Using geocaching techniques, Apple is able to allow customers in countries where gambling is legal to access gambling apps. Some sportsbook sites that wanted to tap into the mobile market had already moved on from the idea of releasing mobile apps and started designing mobile-friendly websites.
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Since iPads are nothing if not Web-capable entertainment devices, they’re a perfect fit for sports betting. iPad owners can point their mobile browser to any number of sportsbooks that have designed a mobile-specific version of their site and software.
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Two options exist for tablet-based sports betting – you can use your tablet to connect to a mobile-capable website, or you can download a real-money sports betting app and use it to place your wagers.
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How to Bet on a Mobile Device

It’s as easy to place a wager on your mobile device as it is to place a sports bet on a traditional website. After all, mobile wagering is just the same wagering you’ve always been doing, but on a Web-capable smartphone or tablet.

Every rule and function you’re used to from traditional sportsbook sites is true at mobile sites – in fact, mobile betting sites are all run by existing desktop betting sites. You may already have an account that’s valid for mobile betting and not even realize it.

Mobile betting sites are simplified versions of the main sportsbook – it’s made simpler and a bit cruder in order to be compatible with mobile software and hardware, but essentially it’s identical. To place a mobile wager, you need a Web browser, a membership at a mobile betting service, and a connection to the Internet. You log in, look up bets, place wagers, transfer money, and chase bonuses on a mobile site the same way you do for your desktop functions.

Some mobile services take the form of purpose-built apps; others are just mobile-capable websites with a special URL where you point your smartphone’s Web browser. Read about the differences between these services – and the advantages and disadvantages of mobile betting – below.

Advantages of Mobile Betting

Increased Mobility

This one should be obvious – it’s the main benefit of wagering on a Web-capable smartphone or tablet. Your iPad or Android smartphone goes anywhere you can, and these days, you can get a decent Wi-Fi signal just about anywhere you go. Why not take advantage of that mobility by gaining the ability to place sports wagers on your mobile device?


These days you can perform just about any account function on a mobile betting site that you can on a desktop site. It’s simply easier to handle transactions, check your balance, and place wagers on the phone that’s already in your pocket than to use a laptop or desktop computer.


If you don’t own a decent enough laptop to display your sportsbook’s beautiful interface, or if your computer is broken or not available, or if you just want to take advantage of the simplicity of mobile wagering, the time is now. Technology and user participation are steadily improving – the fact is, eventually the entire Internet will be mobile, and desktop sites will go the way of dialup connections.

Disadvantages of Mobile Betting

Limited Features

Though technology is improving, most mobile versions of betting sites aren’t as full-featured as their traditional Web counterparts. This is more of a problem for casino gamblers – generally speaking, mobile sportsbooks contain all available markets and wagers. Check before you sign up with a book if you plan to use mobile betting to be sure that all features are available to mobile customers.

Smaller Display

This one’s a no-brainer – most mobile gadgets have displays far smaller than laptop/desktop computers. Though devices like the iPhone 6+ and the Samsung S series are known for having large displays – and some tablets have near-laptop displays – most mobile gadgets are going to be harder to look at than a desktop site.

Additional Equipment Required

If you don’t have a decent mobile gadget, you may be totally shut out of the mobile equation altogether. Flip-phone advocates and people who refuse to jump on the tablet bandwagon are probably in this category.

Mobile Betting Conclusion

Betting on sports has come a long way from the days of smoky bar rooms and dark back alleys. First came the dawn of Web-based betting. Now that almost everyone has a Web-capable mobile device in their pocket or their backpack, mobile betting is the next natural step in the evolution of the industry. Betting on the go is getting easier, more accessible, and (dare I say it) the new standard in betting site interaction.

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