Seeking Value? Look Up (in the Batting Order)

Updated: April 21, 2016



The most basic way to improve your chances of cashing in a daily fantasy baseball contest is to give yourself more at-bats than your competitors.
It sounds simple, but for a lot of DFS players, the focus invariably shifts to players who hit lower in the batting order, and who subsequently wind up with fewer plate appearances.

While you still need great players no matter where they bat in the order, you can use a team’s lineup to determine where some of the best value plays can be found. This is especially valuable when you’re down to your final few thousand dollars, and need one or two bargain-basement players to round out your roster.
Here are some things to consider when going through the day’s starting lineups:

Super Subs

Occasionally, a starter will be given the day/night off and a bench player will enter in his place – and sometimes, the sub is simply plugged into the same spot in the order. There’s significant value potential here, since the majority of bench options are affordably priced in daily fantasy and make for great fill-ins on a roster full of high-salary players, or those anchored by an ace.

Platoon Heroes

Seek out players hitting high in the order who have measurable platoon advantages against that day’s starting pitcher. A right-handed leadoff man who has favorable showings against left-handed pitchers are terrific options, even if that starter only goes five or six innings. Conversely, avoid high-lineup players with a platoon disadvantage – if it’s significant enough, they may sit.

High-Scoring Lineup Toppers

Saving some money to roster the leadoff hitter in a potent lineup will provide you the best exposure to those teams without having to shell out for the entire stack, which can be prohibitively expensive. Often, the leadoff batter is only the third- or fourth-expensive option on the team, but sees the most at-bats – and subsequently has the best chance at accumulating fantasy points.

Stolen Base Threats

They’ll cost a little extra, but leadoff men who steal bases provide wonderful potential value. Consider that a stolen base is worth six points in FanDuel – equal to a double, and half the value of a home run. Players capable of multiple steals in the same game collect points for getting on base, swiping bags and likely scoring runs, as well. In short, they’re fantasy gold mines

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