World Cup 2014 Sports Betting Odds

Welcome to Sports Rumble’s World Cup 2014 Sports Betting Odds Section where We Provide a Preview of Each Team with A Free Sports Pick.

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Group AGroup BGroup C Group D
  Brazil  Spain   Colombia   Italy
  Croatia   Netherlands   Greece   England
  Mexico   Chile   Ivory Coast   Costa Rica
  Cameroon   Australia   Japan   Uruguay

Group EGroup FGroup G Group H
  France  Argentina   Germany   Belgium
  Switzerland   Bosnia   Portugal   Russia
  Ecuador   Iran   Ghana   South Korea
  Honduras   Nigeria   United States   Algeria

The World Cup is a month away and we at Sports Rumble have you covered with the best live odds and great resumes on each team that will compete for the prized trophy. Every four years, this sporting event gives us a reason to place bets during the summer season for the non baseball connoisseurs. It’s also a time where the entire world is gathered in one place to celebrate this event. This year, the World Cup is held in Brazil where they will try to become the sixth host to hoist the cup on their home soil. The oddsmakers unanimously believe that Brazil is the favorite as all the sportsbooks have them to come out the winners. Being the host country comes with a lot of pressure. Especially if you are considered as one of the countries who have the most talents and the people of Brazil breathe Football.

What Bettors need to know?

If you are planning on placing bets for the World Cup, you should know that the biggest payoffs come when you play group matches. Choosing a winner in group matches is fairly easy. The tough part is actually having the courage to pay the juice that comes with choosing the winner. The Soccer odds are usually high for these types of events. Future odds are another way to make money on soccer betting. A lot of groups have evident winners but the price to pay is high. If I were to suggest something, it is not to shy away from the high odds and to go with your gut. If, for example, you believe that Brazil will win the World Cup, then you should consider placing a bet on every of their games, no matter the line.

There is a multitude of bets to take on during the world cup and BET365 has got you covered with up to the date live odds and the highest variety of bet types. Some of the sports betting possibilities on this website are betting on the exact score, Goal Totals, Double chance, Halftime lines etc. With so many different possibilities, you will be certain to get what you are looking for.  Rest assured that the live odds for the World Cup are known to be the best at Bet365.We at sports Rumble give you free picks but in the end the best sports bets are made when you listen to your gut feeling!